WordPress 2.5.1: How to reset password manually

This bug has been fixed and will be included in WordPress 2.5.2. However, if you’ve upgraded to 2.5.1 and having issues with password reset,  you can do password reset, with any of following ways:

    1. Login to your PhpMyAdmin account, and select your WordPress database.
    2. Select & browse wp_users table, look for the username, you want to reset the password and click on the edit icon next to your username.
    3. Once the edit page is open, select MD5 from the Function dropdown next to the user_pass row. Change the value on the user_pass row to your new password and then hit Go.
    4. Now fireup your WordPress admin panel, and login with your new password and it will upgrade your password to the new phpass hashing.
  1. Or, if you’ve only single user on your WordPress installation, and the login name is admin. You can reset password with just simple SQL query, which once executed will replace password with whatever you enter as your new password to be. UPDATE `wordpress`.`wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5('PASSWORD') WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` =`admin` LIMIT 1; WordPress, Brecker, Password, MySQL, Database, SQL Query, PHP, Tips, Tricks, Tips and Tricks, SQL, Passwords, Bug
  2. If you’re not comfortable with PhpMyAdmin or you don’t to do it manually, as an alternate, you can download files which contain the patch, here.
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