Qmail Queue View

You can view all messages in the email queue.
To Display all Messages in the Email Queue

    Log in to your server using SSH.
    Type su -.
    Enter the password you used to log in to your server.
    At the command prompt, type:
    To list multiple messages in the queue, type:

There is a built-in utility to control qmail called qmailctl. LifeWithqmail will put the file in /usr/bin/qmailctl.

‘qmailctl help’ will give you the general help output displaying the available commands. The following pertain to your question:

/usr/bin/qmailctl queue

This will show you the status of your queue, if messages are queued, run:

/usr/bin/qmailctl doqueue

This will deliver the queued messages for ‘immediate’ delivery

If you are curious on the messages being sent as you send them, locate the path of your log files and run a tail -f on the qmail-smtpd/current file. Below is an example:

/usr/bin/tail -f /var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd/current

The -f flag will continue to monitor the file mentioned, displaying new data as it is being written to the file.


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